Virtual Storybox

For The Holiday Season

A magical, fun and reassuring world
Captivating and initiatory stories created by award-winning Author Roman D. Hepburn, presented as audio tales, set to music from the greatest Christmas classics
Virtual storyteller with 25 magical stories for only $10.-
A wonderful gift that will delight all children and develop their imagination

World Premiere

This new concept, based on the method known as Global Awakening (emotional and intellectual), will allow children to create their own magical world, without imposing ready-made images.

Written by Roman D. Hepburn, who has been compared to a modern “Saint-Exupery” for his short story on the fragility of existence, the texts are written with the talent and imagination we know him for.


This method is the result of more than 25 years of research directed by a doctor in psychology, long time professor at the University of Geneva (Switzerland), specialist in the study of the emotional and intellectual development of children (more details in the information tab).

Tom's Wonderful Journey to the Land of Magic

You can listen to one of the stories before taking part in this
Depending on the device you use, headphones will allow better immersion. Optimized for tablets and laptops.

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